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A zero turn mower, or ZTM, is an incredibly efficient and powerful piece of outdoor equipment that can cut your mowing time in half! Here are my important tips for buying the right attachments to save you time and money:

And you can check out my top zero turn mower recommendation: the Husqvarna 54" Zero Turn Mower with a 26 HP Kohler engine available on Amazon. 

And as you probably know, a ZTM is more expensive than a regular garden tractor or riding lawn tractor. You can expect to pay anywhere from about $2,100 to $5,500 - and more - for a new unit depending upon the specs & features you're looking for.

So if you make that kind of investment, you'll definitely want to look into attachments to really put your mower to work! During the summer and winter.

I really recommend getting a tow-behind broadcast spreader for your ZTM! You'll be able to easily spread granular fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides during the spring, summer and fall. And you'll be able to use it in the winter to lay down salt or ice melt too! 

I highly recommend this Agri-Fab tow behind broadcast spreader on Amazon. If you've got a 1/2 acre, or more, to work, this is the one I recommend.

The Agri-Fab spreader has a 130 lb capacity which will keep you from having to stop and refill all the time. And I really appreciate that you can work the on-off gate control from your tractor seat. Made in the USA too!

I like the enclosed gear box with metal gears, large pneumatic tires and quality metal frame. And you can check Amazon's price on the Agri-Fab tow behind broadcast spreader.

Zero Turn Mower 
Garden Tractor

By using the rear wheels to steer, a zero turn mower has a turning radius of zero inches! That means that the rider can pivot, or turn within his own track, while mowing. But the average standard lawn tractor uses front wheel steering and needs a 15 to 30 degree turning radius.

Because of their design, and their ability to get close to trees, fences & other obstacles, ZTM's double as trimmers. No need to get the string trimmer out!

ZTM's generally drive faster than a garden tractor: 5 to 8 MPH, whereas a standard grass cutter usually moves at 3-5 mph.

They also feature twin cylinder engines with 15 to 20 HP versus standard lawn tractors that have single cylinder engines. 

And there are differences in deck size: 34-60” decks for ZTM's and 26-54” decks for riding lawn tractors.

And as you know, lawn tractors use a steering wheel & foot pedal while ZTM's are operated with a handle on each side of the drivers seat that controls the rear wheels.  

Zero Turn Mower
Pull Behind

If you put a hitch on the rear of your ZTM, you'll open up a new world of work it can do!

MY TIP: Please keep in mind that you'll always want to buy attachments that are specifically designed for ZTM's. And just remember to not use the full/extreme turning ability of your grass cutter while towing an attachment.

One of the most popular attachments is a bagging system or grass collector to pick up your grass clippings. There are lots of bagging options on the market for including 2 and 3 bucket/bag designs.

OR you can think about adding a mulching kit to the deck so you can mulch your clippings back into the lawn. 

A dump cart is a great help for just about any lawn, yard or garden.

And a dethatcher, plug aerator or roller can easily be put on the back of your cutting unit to help you take care of your lawn.

sprayer on a trailer can also be hitched to your unit to allow you to easily & quickly apply herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. 

But don't forget that your ZTM can help you in the winter too!

Many are designed to work with front mounted attachments like snow blades and snow blowers!

There are many brands like: Ariens, Toro, Snapper, Cub Cadet, Exmark, Walker, John Deere ...and more.

So get the most out of your zero turn mower investment by using the right attachments. 

If you'd like to read my list of the Best Garden Tractor Attachments, with important tips, click here!



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