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The new UTV attachments on the market are designed to save you effort, time and money when you tackle outdoor jobs!

And I've put together this great list of the very best UTV attachments - with expert buying tips:

Anyone can get stuck in the mud, in rugged terrain or get stuck climbing a hill. And a good winch will get you out of trouble.

And, if you cut timber, do construction work or need to drag something heavy, a winch comes to the rescue again.

Winches are a necessity for both working and power sport UTV's & ATV’s! If you don’t already have a winch, you’ll definitely want to take a look at my recommended Superwinch Terra 35 on Amazon.

It’s a serious workhorse of a winch with a high-quality all-steel 3 stage planetary gear train.

The Superwinch gears are twice as wide as competitor winches - at a fraction of the cost of other competitors. And its got a 1.6 HP low-amp draw engine. You can check out Amazons price on the Superwinch Terra 35.  

Winches are rated by pulling power and range from 1,000 to 6,000. They have an electric motor and are operated by remote controls. The remote controls that attach to your handlebars are the most convenient.

A drag harrow is easily hooked up to the back of your utility vehicle and it will do a lot of work for you. 

Drag harrows can level gravel driveways or garden plots, aerate soil, work horse arenas, dethatch pastures and prepare your soil for seeding or fertilizing. Drag harrow are incredibly economical and versatile - and if you're managing land - you need one.

Taking size, quality, price and ease-of-use into consideration, this Field Tuff harrow is my top recommendation for the best drag harrow on the market for mowers, garden tractors and ATV's:

The Field Tuff 4ft x 4ft drag harrow on Amazon is the perfect size if you're working on gardens, landscaping areas & food plots. The 4x4 size is small enough to maneuver and turn around in small areas without getting hung up - but large enough & tough enough to get the job done.

The Field Tuff 4 x 4 drag harrow features a heavy 2" steel tube design which I really recommend.

It's easy to hook up with its ring that fits over any standard 2" ball hitch.

And the Field Tuff 4 x 4 chain harrow on Amazon only requires a minimum of 8HP to use - so it works great with just about any ATV, mower or garden tractor!

You can check Amazon's price on this Field Tuff drag harrow. 

Mounted Sprayers are an excellent UTV attachment, to buy, that will help you easily manage land maintenance issues. Whether you want to apply liquid fertilizers, pesticides or weed killers, a mounted sprayer does the job.

My best all-around mounted sprayer choice is the Chapin 15 gallon spot sprayer on Amazon.

The translucent tank lets you clearly see your liquid level and it has a reliable 12 volt diaphragm pump with a dual filtration system. And I like the 15 ft hose that gives you room to reach.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Chapin 15 gallon mounted spot sprayer.

Always match your utility vehicle towing/hauling capacity with the maximum weight/volume of any sprayer.

UTV front end loaders are becoming one of the best selling UTV attachments!

A few years ago, the best way to get a front end loader bucket on your ride was building your own. But now, manufacturers have starting making these incredibly helpful attachments for just about any type/model UTV/ATV.

Whatever you need to lift, push, move or haul, everything can be done easier with a front end loader bucket attachment.

Taking quality, price, operator ease, bucket width and lift height into consideration, the Swisher 15714 Universal Dump Bucket on Amazon is my hands-down top recommendation! It has a universal design so that it will fit & work great on just about any ATV, UTV or Mower.

This Swisher ATV dump bucket on Amazon is a high quality unit.

Here's why I heartily recommend it: The Swisher 15714 has a good, wide 44" bucket opening and it's made of thick 1/8" steel. And it's Made in the USA, which is great.

And I really like that, once this is installed, you can attach and remove the bucket in just seconds - without any tools. Easy.

You can check Amazon's price on the Swisher universal front end loader bucket.

More UTV Attachments

UTV snow blades are great side by side attachments because you can clear snow in places that pick-ups, SUV's or tractors can't reach like sidewalks & between buildings, in additional to driveways, yards, etc.

UTV snow plows come in various lengths but be sure to match your UTV horsepower to the right size plow blade to avoid overloading your transmission.  

I recommend this Extreme Max UniPlow on Amazon for some very good reasons: it has a high-quality ONE piece steel plow with universal mounting - and it comes complete in one box!

This Extreme Max Uniplow is 50" wide with single piece steel construction, 16" lift and also has 5 adjustable angles! And, as you know, the one-piece plow construction gives you much more strength & stability, which is so much better than the multi-piece ATV snow blades on the market. And you can see Amazon's price on this Extreme Max Uniplow.

It really is a plow-in-a-box - it includes the plow, mount and push tube - so its easy to buy & install. (The push tube connects the plow to the ATV.) Having all parts of your ATV plow in one box, like this Extreme Max Plow, will save you money, time & hassles.

The Extreme Max Plow on Amazon gets great reviews on ATV forums.

I also like that its components are finished in black powder coat! This high quality finish will help resist salt corrosion and rust.

And, I should say that I really like the Extreme Plow on Amazon because it's Made in the USA. That's important to me too.


And my #1 top plow choice is the Swisher Universal 50" ATV Plow Blade #2645R on Amazon. This Swisher snow blade works with any universal mounting and it really is cleverly designed to be attached or removed in seconds!

This 50" ATV snow blade is made of strong 1/8" steel and has a heavy duty construction. And it has a 18" to 24" lift height, depending on your quads tires.

Also, I should mention that the cutting edge is reversible, and replaceable, which gives you a longer life & money savings too.

You can check Amazon's price on the Swisher Universal ATV plow.

A broadcast spreader towed behind your UTV can help you save a lot of time if you need to lay down granular seeds or fertilizer. And, in the winter, you'll be able to spread salt on your driveway or road too! I love the fact that you can get year-round use out of a broadcast spreader.

I highly recommend this Agri-Fab tow behind broadcast spreader on Amazon. If you've got a 1/2 acre, or more, to work, this is the one I recommend.

The Agri-Fab spreader has a 130 lb capacity which will keep you from having to stop and refill all the time. And I really appreciate that you can work the on-off gate control from your tractor seat. Made in the USA too!

I like the enclosed gear box with metal gears, large pneumatic tires and quality metal frame. And you can check Amazon's price on the Agri-Fab tow behind broadcast spreader.

My Tip: Just like ATV's, UTV's are not equipped with standard PTO (Power Take Off) units. But the new breed of UTV's can easily accomodate many farming, lawn, garden, construction, and agricultural attachments using aftermarket PTO's or using ground-driven attachments.

UTV attachments

PTO for UTV Attachments


It is important to remember that, unlike tractors, garden tractors or compact tractors, UTV's do not come equipped with PTO's (Power Take Off).

As you probably already know, a PTO allows power from an engine to flow to an implement to operate it. So, any utility vehicle implement that requires power must come self-equipped with it's own power source/engine or be ground-driven.

For example: a log splitter can be easily towed by your UTV, but the log splitter must equipped with it's own engine, in order to have the power to operate and split the logs.

Fortunately, many manufacturers are now offering more UTV implements with their own PTO - and they're also selling aftermarket bolt-on PTO units. UTV owners now have a great variety of new implement choices. 

Tips to Find the Lowest ATV/UTV Insurance

Front End Loaders for UTV's

And if you think you might be in the market for a generator for your outdoor jobs, check out this great resource page at

Or the Best Portable Camping Generator page will help you choose the best generator size & model for your budget.

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