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 Best Tow Behind Mower
for Your ATV

An ATV tow behind mower? Absolutely!

As you know, an ATV is your ticket to some great off-road adventures! Because they're rugged, powerful and fun to ride, ATV's have become increasingly popular.

But if you hitch up a cutter attachment, an ATV also becomes a hard-working mowing machine! 

Buying an ATV cutting attachment is an investment you should only make after you've done some homework to decide which unit is the best for you.

So, how do you know what to buy, since there are so many types & brands on the market? 

two behind mower

It really depends on the type of mowing you need to do!

So I've shared advice, below, on how to choose the best tow behind mower type based on the mowing project you need to tackle.

Finish Cut Mowers
for ATV's 

Do you have an oversized lawn? Or do you just enjoy having an excuse to ride your ATV around your yard? Do you also need a professional quality cut - also known as a finish cut?

Then there are two types of tow behind mower attachments that would you can consider: finish mowers and gang reel mowers.

A tow behind finish mower can be easily hitched up to your ATV and it will give your lawn the same type of finish cut that garden tractors and lawn tractors are famous for: a smooth, even cut.

tow behind mower

(Finish mowers are also known as trail mowers)

Tow behind finish mowers have their own powerful engines so twigs and leaves are not a problem and you still get a professional quality cut. 

Finish mowers are available in 44", 60" and 66" width decks.

A gang reel mower also provides a high quality finish cut. But since they usually considerably more expensive than a tow behind finish mower, I believe they're only worth the investment if you need to mow more than 5 acres.

Gang reel mowers are round cutters with blades that rotate as they are pulled over lawns.

tow behind mower

These gang reel mowers do not have engines, but are grown-driven. That is, they roll & cut as they are pulled across the grass.

Please note that if you consider a gang reel mower, you need to make sure your ATV has enough power to pull it, since these reel mowers can weigh several hundred pounds.

Gang reel mowers are available in 4-5 feet, 6-8 feet and 11+ feet widths. 

You might have seen them being used on golf courses and resorts.

Rough Cut Mowers for ATV's

Do you need to mow an overgrown field? Forge a hunting or hiking trail? Create a hunting food plot?

Then a rough cut tow behind mower would be a great choice for your ATV.

A rough cut mower is also known as a trail cutter and is not meant for lawns.

tow behind mower

A trail cutter is used on the back of ATV's, or four wheelers, and they can completely take out thick brush & plants up to 3" in diameter, with their own powerful engine. 

Now you have the information to help you shop for the right ATV cutting attachment for you!



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