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How to Choose the Best Skid Steer Attachment 

The right skid steer attachment will save you time, money and labor!

Modern skid steers or skid loaders are tough machines that have rigid frames, with lift arms, that are used for holding many types of labor-saving tools or attachments.

An adapter or mounting plate is a necessity to use farm implements, ag or power attachments on your skid steer! You'll use an adapter, quick-attach plate or mounting bracket in place of your standard bucket - and then you'll be able to attach almost everything to your skidsteer.

And you can see my #1 quick attach skid steer mounting plate choice: the Titan 5/16" solid mounting plate on Amazon.

Although mostly equipped with four wheels, some skid steer loaders have tracks.  

Skidsteers are capable of zero-radius turns, also called "pirouette turning", making them extremely maneuverable and useful when you need a compact, strong and agile loader.

The standard skid loader bucket can generally be replaced with a variety of specialized buckets or attachments, many powered by the skid loader's hydraulic system. 

And some skid steer models now have automatic attachment changer mechanisms, using hydraulics control units, that allow the driver to connect/disconnect the attachment without leaving the machine! 


MY TIP: Unlike tractors or garden tractors, skid steers do not have PTO's (Power Take Off). So, 95% of skid steer attachments are powered by the existing hydraulic system of the skid loader. Always match your specific skid steer hydraulic GPM rating (gallons per minute) to the attachment specifications. See the bottom of this page for more info on hydraulic GPM.

The Best Skid Steer Attachments

A Grapple is an ideal skid steer attachment and will easily pick up & move rocks, logs, firewood, scrap material, brush, move round bales, roots, fence posts, etc. Grapples come in various models & sizes - usually 60" to 80" widths. Match the right model grapple with your skid steer, its hydraulic GPM flow and the specific job at hand.

Bale spears let you quickly and easily move bales of hay - especially in tight places.

skid steer attachment

Bale spears usually have three prongs/spears and there are models for both round and square bales.  Match the correct bale spear with the lifting capacity of your skid steer. 

Pallet forks are a must for anyone who owns a skid steer. You can lift pallets, lumber, bundled items - and just about anything else. Also, there are some great clamp-on bucket forks on the market that turn your standard skid loader bucket into a set of handy pallet forks. Match your skid loader model & lift capacity to the capacity rating of the forks.

An Auger skid steer attachment is perfect for digging footings for decks, planting trees or bushes and installing fence posts. Choose the auger bit that matches the diameter of your post or root. And make sure that the model & hydraulic flow (GPM) of your skid steer matches the auger specs.

A Backhoe is a great skid steer attachment for every farm, construction site, ranch, garden and landscape project. It easily digs deep trenches, pools, foundations, etc, and reaches up to unload into a nearby wagon or truck, without making the operator leave the cab. A huge time saver. A backhoe attachment must be compatible with your skidsteer model and hydraulic GPM flow.

Stump grinders are popular skidsteer attachments for ranchers, farmers, contractors, landscapers and maintenance departments. A stump grinder works off the power of your hydraulic system to grind old tree stumps a few inches below ground level. Match the stump grinder attachment specs to the hydraulic GPM flow of your skidloader.

A Snow Blade is perfect for removing light & moderate snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots with your skid steer. And you can use it for light material grading in the summer. You might want to look at buying an optional wing kit to make your blade a snow pusher that you can use on much bigger lots and areas.

Angle brooms make a great skid steer attachment for sweeping off snow, dirt, leaves, trash, etc. The extra large bristles of the angle brooms remove debris on the first pass. Skidsteer angle brooms are commonly used on parking lots, driveways, streets, sidewalks and factory floors. Check the minimum skid steer hydraulic GPM flow needed to operate any angle broom that you're considering.

A Sweeper skid steer attachment not only sweeps, but it collects & dumps debris - moving forward or in reverse. A sweeper has a bucket that collects debris and can be dumped when it gets full. Also, a sweeper can be used to evenly spread materials evenly across a construction worksite. Skidsteer sweepers are great for parking lots, docks, warehouses, construction sites, roadways, factories and sidewalks.  

How do power attachments work on skid steers?

Unlike a tractor or garden tractor, skid steers do not have a PTO (Power Take Off) to make attachments work. So the vast majority of skidsteer attachments are powered by the hydraulic system of the skidloader.

A skid steers hydraulic flow/power is rated by GPM (Gallons per Minute) and it's important to match your skidsteer GPM with the min/max GPM requirements of any attachment. 

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