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Side by Side ATV Attachments

The newest side by side ATV attachments on the market, listed below, are designed to save you effort, time and money!

Side by side ATV's  (or 4 wheelers) are sporty work horses that are cheap on gas, great on all kinds of terrain - and can be used with some really cool new attachments.

They can also easily get into smaller, tighter spaces than a pick-up truck or tractor - and are much less expensive to buy.

ATV's really started out as a 2 or 4 person four wheel drive off-road vehicle. And they're often called a 4 wheeler too. But now they're becoming increasing popular with yard, field, pasture, hunting, landscaping and garden work, by using the new attachments.

The new generation of side x side ATV's are built with stronger engines -18 to 90+HP - and the majority of the new models on the market now come factory-equipped with a roll over protection system (ROPS) to make them safer.

My Tip: Just like UTV's, a side by side is not equipped with built-in standard PTO (Power Take Off) units. But the new breed side x sides can easily accommodate many farming, lawn, garden, construction, and agricultural attachments using aftermarket PTO's or using ground-driven attachments. (See below for more info on PTO) 

The Best
 Side x Side ATV Attachments

1. An Electric winch is a necessity for side by sides! Trust me, eventually, everyone will get stuck - whether its in the mud, on a hill or on rugged terrain.  And a winch will get you out of trouble.

And, if you cut timber, do construction work or need to drag something heavy, a winch comes to the rescue again. 

ATV winches are rated by pulling power and range from 1,000 to 6,000. They have an electric motor and are operated by remote controls.

2. Carts, trailers or tub trailers are an excellent tow-behind side by side ATV attachment to help you haul just about anything. You can buy them in aluminum, polyethylene, wood or steel in various sizes for hauling cargo, wood, rocks, feed, produce, hunting, tools, mulch, etc.

You can buy side x side trailers and carts in single axle or tandem axle models. And some are designed as dump trailers or dump carts. Also, a few manufacturers are now making side by side ATV trailer water tanks and trailer fuel/gas tanks to help you haul your liquids.

UTV attachments

3. Blowers or Leaf blowers are a great tow-behind side by side attachment and they have their own PTO engine to make it easy to clear out leaves, clippings, sticks, trash, debris and aeration cores from lawns or hard surfaces. The leaf blowers come in many sizes and are suited for home use (driveway, lawn, etc), golf courses, schools, malls and municipalities.  

4. A seeder or spreader side by side ATV attachment is designed for spreading seed, feed, fertilizer, calcium, chloride or salt. They are usually equipped with a polyurethane hopper and an electric motor that spreads the medium that's poured into the hopper. Seeders and spreaders are used in farming, landscaping, hunting and ground maintenance applications. 

5. Drag harrows are easily hooked up to the back of a 4 wheeler. Harrows can level gravel driveways or garden plots, aerate soil, work horse arenas, dethatch pastures and prepare your soil for seeding or fertilizing.

6. Snow blades are great side by side attachments because you can clear snow in places that pick-ups, SUV's or tractors can't reach. Like sidewalks & between buildings, in additional to driveways, yards, etc. Snow blades come in various lengths but be sure to match your 4 wheeler horsepower to the right size plow blade to avoid overloading your transmission.  

7. Side by side mower attachments are designed for rough terrain mowing - or mowing where space is limited. Mower attachments have their own PTO engine to power the mower blades.

The best ATV mower attachments are front-mounted, and they cut the grass before it's driven over, to give you the most smooth and clean cut. And the mower deck should have adjustable heights.

These mowers are great for lawns, meadows, parks, cemeteries, golf courses and athletic fields.

8. Sprayers are huge time-savers when you need to apply herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and snow melt. Also, side by side ATV sprayers are great for seeding lawns, gardens and hunting food plots. These sprayers come with their own pumps and engines to power the sprayers. You can find sprayers and spreaders as rear mount or tow-behind models for 4 wheelers. Always match your ATV towing/hauling capacity with the maximum weight/volume of any sprayer.

9. Manure vacs are a great addition to the line-up of side x side attachments on the market! Manure vacuums, especially the Greystone manure vac, quickly & easily picks up any type of manure or waste from paddocks, fields, stables, arena's, yard, pasture, barns, etc. With the Greystone manure vacuum, you don't even have to get off your seat! Check out this amazing short video showing the Greystone Manure Vacuums with a side by side!

Any type of manure - goat, pig, cow, alpaca, horse, dog - can be easily removed using the Greystone manure vac. And it's super-easy clean-up too because waste does not pass through the impeller!

10. Rotary tillers for 4 wheelers can be found in tow-behind and front mounted designs. Usually, the front mounted rotary tiller units work with a winch to raise and lower the unit. All side x side ATV rotary tillers have their own PTO engine to power the tiller. Rotary tillers are especially useful for preparing soil for planting in tight spaces that a tractor can't reach. Always match your towing/hauling capacity to the rotary tiller specs. 

11. Front End Loaders are brand new side x side ATV attachments that do the work of a small tractor loader. Just a few years ago, finding a front end loader for a ATV was impossible. The new front end loaders lift, plow, dig, drag and push.

You'll be able to push feed, scrape manure, haul gravel, remove snow, carry lumber, move stumps, topsoil and mulch, bring in large game, etc.  They are powered by an extra electro-hydraulic power unit, or a 4 wheeler winch, which raises and lowers the bucket. 

PTO on Side x Sides


It is important to remember that, unlike tractors, garden tractors or compact tractors, a side by side atv does not come equipped with PTO's (Power Take Off).

As you probably already know, a PTO allows power from an engine to flow to an implement to operate it. So, any side by side ATV implement that requires power must come self-equipped with it's own power source/engine or be ground-driven.

For example: a log splitter can be easily towed by your 4 wheeler, but the log splitter must equipped with it's own engine, in order to have the power to operate and split the logs.

side x side attachment

Fortunately, many manufacturers are now offering more ATV implements with their own PTO - and they're also selling aftermarket bolt-on PTO units

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