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Best Lawn Mower Sweeper Attachments 

A lawn mower sweeper is one the most popular, effective & economical riding lawn mower attachments on the market for removing clippings from your lawn. But they're great for picking up more than just grass clippings!

And you can see my #1 recommended tow behind lawn sweeper: the Brinly 42" lawn sweeper on Amazon.

I know, the new mulching mowers on the market, like the Lawn Boy & Snapper models, claim that they eliminate the need for a lawn mower sweeper.

These new mulching mowers chop grass clippings several times before they fall back deeply into your lawn. No more clumps or stripes of grass clippings.

So, if you have a riding mulching mower, you may think that you don't need a lawn mower sweeper, but consider this: sweepers easily & quickly pick up sticks, debris, leaves, acorns, pine cones, twigs, pine needles, etc, from your lawn.

No more bending over to pick up things from your grass - and no more raking! Pretty cool, right?

These tow behind units have a large roller brush - usually metal-  that rolls over the lawn as you ride and tosses the debris in the rear bag. You just tip the bag, to empty it, when it's full.

Lawn Mower Sweeper Buying Tips

And yard sweepers are super easy to use - just attach it to the rear hitch of your lawn mower.

If you're shopping for one, make sure you choose one that allows you to adjust the height of the roller. If you have to mow on slopes or uneven lawn, it's important to be able to change the sweeper height, for the best results.

For under two hundred dollars, you can find a good model with large swivel wheels for smoother turning - and wide semi-pneumatic tires.  

These attachments usually range from 30" - 46" in widths. And there's one to fit any make & model of riding mowers. 

Don't forget, lawn mower sweepers can be used all year round - for instance:


How about leaf clean-up in the fall?

Or stick or twig pick-up in the spring --- or after a summer storm?

How about picking up pine cones or acorns in the winter?

Sweepers really are a great attachments that can save you a lot of time & effort.



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