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Let's talk about how to choose the best ATV tow behind boom sprayer for you. First, a quick review about what jobs they're recommended for, then I'll share my expert buying tips to help you quickly & easily choose the best model for you - without overpaying!

atv tow behind boom sprayer

Best Jobs
for an
ATV Tow Behind
Boom Sprayer 

ATV tow behind sprayers are becoming increasingly popular for all types of garden, lawn, land, landscaping and hunting food plot jobs. But how do you know if you need one with a boom?

Booms are great to have if you need to spray herbicides, chemicals, pesticides or other chemicals over a large area. It's much, much better & easier to let the boom nozzles spray a wide & consistant swath instead of trying to cover a large area with a hand-held spray wand or spot sprayer. You'll get faster, even & more thorough coverage with a boom sprayer - and you won't wear your arm out like you would by using a spot sprayer.

ATV boom sprayer nozzles are evenly positioned along the length of the boom so that the spray pattern of each nozzle slightly overlaps the spray pattern of the nozzle next to it. So there are no spray gaps and you get a full 100% spray coverage.

Also, if you're spraying chemicals that you definitely don't want to drift, like Round-up, a ATV tow behind boom sprayer really is the best choice. You see, the nozzles on a boom sprayer point directly at the ground. This virtually eliminates any wind drift. Unlike chemicals sprayed from a spot sprayer which can drift in a breeze or wind.

I should mention that some ATV tow behind boom sprayer models also have a spray wand. This is a nice extra feature to have if you need to touch up a small, tight area that your ATV boom sprayer can't move around.

When is an ATV tow behind boom sprayer not the best choice? If you're: 1. spraying a very small area 2. just need to do some occasional spot spraying 3. or need to spray between closely set trees or large rocks. For these types of spray jobs you'll probably be better off just using a sprayer without a boom: a small pull behind spot sprayer, a backpack sprayer or a hand sprayer.

 Buying an
ATV Tow Behind
Boom Sprayer

As you probably know, you can put an ATV boom sprayer on a trailer you already have or buy one that has the tank already mounted on it's own trailer.

When you start shopping around for one, you'll notice that you can choose one with a 9, 15, 25, 40 and 60+ gallon tank. The most popular models have 15 and 25 gallon tanks.

The size of the tank you chose is important! You probably know that water weighs more than 8 pounds per gallon. The weight of liquid in a tank really adds up. If you have a 25 gal tank that's full you'll have to be able to easily tow more than 200 lbs, not including the weight of the trailer and wheels.

So, check your quads owners manual to find your maximum tow capacity. And carefully match the maximum weight of the tank and trailer to your tow capacity. You don't want to try to tow too much and risk burning out your ATV engine.   

atv tow behind boom sprayer

Then check out the width of the spray coverage, and number of nozzles, the boom offers. You'll see models with anywhere from 2 to 9+ nozzles. The wider spray swaths are good to have if you have large spray jobs to tackle. You'll finish them faster.

But remember to think about where you want to store the sprayer. If you want to store it in a barn, building or shed, getting a wide boom may make it hard to get it in the door. So, you may want to consider a sprayer with a folding boom.

Then look for a unit with a quality pump - and controls/spray wand that you can easily reach from your quad seat. Most units have a standard 12 volt diaphragm pump. 

The boom sprayer specs should tell you the GPM (Gallons per Minute) flow of liquid and the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) pressure generated by the pump.

And, before you invest your hard earned money, always make sure the unit comes with a warranty. A one year manufacturers warranty is most common. 

Don't forget: The extra weight of the sprayer - with a filled tank - can make your quad handle differently. So, be careful the first few times you take it out.


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