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Do you get a lot of snow? Then you’ll definitely want to think about an ATV snow blower to clear your driveway, street, parking lot, wide path, commercial area, etc. You’ll remove snow much faster & with less effort with a snow blower attached to the front of your ATV -- when compared with a walk-behind snow blower or shovel. And it’s a lot more fun!

And you can check out my top snow blower recommendation: the Husquvarna ST42E snow blower attachment on Amazon. This snow eating monster has two 12" intake augers to pull in the snow - and a high speed impeller to throw it out of your way.

And I love that you can control the electric lift, discharge chute, deflector and rotation all from your seat! And you can check Amazon's price on the Husqvarna ST42E snow blower.

But keep in mind that an ATV snow thrower is a significant investment as well as significant fun!  For a good sized, quality ATV snow blower, you can pay anywhere from about $3,500 to $8,000, or more, for a new unit. So, before you make the investment, let’s cover two important topics:

“Do you need an ATV snow thrower?” and “What to look for if you want to buy a snow blower.

ATV snow blower

Should you buy an
ATV Snowblower
an ATV Plow?

To help you decide whether you need a snow blower or plow, you should first consider the typical snow falls in the region where you live. Do you usually get storms with less than a foot of snow? Then, quite frankly, an ATV snow plow might be the better choice if you’re looking for the most economical attachment to remove snow.

An ATV plow is the fraction of the price of a snow blower, and if you regularly get snows less than a foot deep, a plow blade will work very well. Expect to spend approximately $500 to $1,300 for an ATV plow blade set up.  

Check out my ATV Snow Plow Review page which gives you helpful information on the best ATV snow plows on the market - with money saving advice! Click here to see reviews on the best plows for ATVs.

But, if cost is not a consideration (I’m jealous) and you just want the cool factor that comes with using your four wheeler with a blower – go for it!

If you regularly get snows of 12” or more, an ATV snow thrower is the better choice - if your budget can handle it. You’ll be able to quickly blow out the deep snow far from where it landed, without building up bigger and bigger banks on the side, like you do with a plow. With their wide openings/cuts, ATV snow blowers can really throw a lot of snow a long distance – completely out of your way! 

What to look for in an
ATV Snow Blower

There’s some important things to consider when buying a snow thrower for your quad: width of the cut, HP of the engine, budget, etc. But before you start comparing models, the first thing you should do is to always make sure the snowblower you’re looking at is specifically designed to work with the make & model of your four wheeler. Check the specs!

Snowblowers are heavy & powerful attachments and you need to make sure you don’t put too much weight on your quad frame, that you have the proper fit, the correct mounting hardware and enough engine HP, etc. So always make sure to match compatible quad and blower specs! Super important. 

Then take a look at the way the snow thrower is raised & lowered. Right now, many of the units on the market require a winch to raise and lower the thrower. But a few manufacturers have a manual operated (handle) to raise & lower, instead.

Check out the width of the cut (opening) and match it to the width of the areas you’ll need to remove snow. The majority of ATV snowblowers feature cuts of 48” to 72” wide. Remember, the wider the width of the cut, the faster the job will get done, but the more expensive the price tag. But if you have to remove snow in tight places, a more narrow cut may be your best choice.

Personally, I think it’s worth a few extra bucks to get a model that has all the controls available from the saddle. Trust me, you’ll never regret being able control the chute, augers, etc. while you’re in your seat! Some models feature control panels mounted to the dash – some offer a control touch pad attached to the handle bars.

MY TIP:  My best advice, when comparing ATV snow blower engines is to invest in an engine with 8HP or more.  The reason is this: my experience shows that any snow thrower with less than 8HP can work well with powdery snow, but really can’t handle slushy, hard packed or very deep snow! For the investment you’re going to make, I would recommend a least an 8HP unit. And really, any engine more than 21 HP will move anything – including small cars. Ha!

Never forget to double-check the warranty! Choose a snow blower manufacturer that really stands behind their attachments.

And don't forget, if you get really deep snows, you might want to consider using chains on your ATV tires.

There are a lot of ATV snow blower manufacturer’s out there including Snow Hogg, Toro, Craftsman, Bercomac and more. And have fun blowing the snow out of your way!

And you might want to consider taking on a few snow removal jobs, in your neighborhood, to make a little extra cash with your ATV snow blower!


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