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How to Choose the Best ATV Front End Loader Attachment 

You probably think you've seen everything - then the new ATV front end loader models come along! These front end loaders, or dump buckets, are one of the newest & hottest ATV attachments on the market.

These brand new front end loaders do the work of a small tractor loader. No more wheelbarrows, shovels or strained backs!

Just a few years ago, a front end loader or dump bucket attachment for an ATV was an impossibility - unless you built a homemade one on your own.  

These new ATV front end loaders lift, plow, dig, drag and push. You'll be able to push feed, scrape manure, haul gravel, remove snow, carry lumber, move stumps, topsoil and mulch, bring in large game, etc. 

Swisher, Ground Force, Ground Hog, Earthmover and several other manufacturers have now entered the market. And I'm sure we'll see many more models in the next year or two.  

Right now, there are two types of ATV front end loaders: ones that work off an extra electro-hydraulic power unit that's wired to the ATV battery and ones that work with winches to raise and lower the bucket.

If you purchase a unit with the electro-hydraulic power unit, you'll most likely need to replace your standard ATV battery with with a deep cycle cell battery, to give you more power. The Ground Hog loader works in this way.

If you purchase an ATV loader, like the Swisher model I've seen, your ATV winch raises and lower the dump bucket. Remember to match your winch pulling power to the weight capacity of the bucket! Super important.

I've seen ATV loaders with and without teeth along the front edge of the loader bucket. 

MY TIP: Please keep in mind that you'll need to add heavier springs or air shocks to your ATV in order to support the weight of the loader & cargo. I've seen some ATV loaders models claim to lift up to 400lbs.

ANOTHER TIP: Depending on the front end loader model you choose, there are varying load capacity and lift heights. Check the manufacturers specs for any model you're considering buying and match them with you ATV owner's manual specs. 

Never overload your ATV with cargo -- it'll make the back end of your ATV airborne! Sometimes funny but always dangerous.

Best ATV Front End Loader Bucket Review

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atv front end loader

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