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Choosing the Best ATV Drag Harrow  

An ATV drag harrow can easily save you many hours of work in your yard, field, driveway, pasture or arena! And your ATV will allow you to harrow in tight places a tractor, utility tractor or pick-up can't reach.

And you can see my #1 recommendation for the best chain harrow: the Field Tuff Harrow on Amazon.

Here's how they work - with my independent review & buying tips:

ATV drag harrows (also known as a harrow rake or chain harrow) are incredibly effective, easy and relatively inexpensive attachments!

By using a tow behind harrow rake on your ATV you can quickly level gravel driveways or roads, which is really helpful after a heavy rain or snow storm. And it will also level the soil in your garden.

You can also us a drag harrow to work horse arenas, break up manure in a pasture and break up large clots of dirt in your garden.

Taking size, quality, price and ease-of-use into consideration, this Field Tuff harrow is my top recommendation for the best drag harrow on the market for mowers, garden tractors and ATV's:

The Field Tuff 4ft x 4ft drag harrow on Amazon is the perfect size if you're working on gardens, landscaping areas & food plots. The 4x4 size is small enough to maneuver and turn around in small areas without getting hung up - but large enough & tough enough to get the job done.

The Field Tuff 4 x 4 drag harrow features a heavy 2" steel tube design which I really recommend.

It's easy to hook up with its ring that fits over any standard 2" ball hitch.

And the Field Tuff 4 x 4 chain harrow on Amazon only requires a minimum of 8HP to use - so it works great with just about any ATV, mower or garden tractor!

You can check Amazon's price on this Field Tuff drag harrow. 

And, in one pass, you can prepare any field or garden plot for water, seed or fertilizer. And you can break up dead material on the surface of the soil (this is called dethatching). 

And don't forget that you can use a drag harrow for leveling your fields. Or on a gravel driveway after a heavy rains.

An ATV harrow rake consists of a section of interwoven chain steel links with tines that face down, towards the ground. Chain harrow sections can be rolled up for transporting or easy storage.

There are both rigid tine and variable action tine harrows on the market. Personally, I prefer the rigid tines because I just haven't seen the payback/benefit from variable action tines. And the rigid harrow tines are generally less expensive. But that's just my personal experience.

These pull behind attachments are outfitted with a steel drawbar that has a steel ring hook-up.  (see photo)

ATV drag harrow

This steel ring is easy slipped over any pin hitch or draw hitch on your all terrain vehicle.

MY TIP: don't unroll, hook up or drag your harrow until your reach the exact area you want to work. These tines will really tear up lawns.

MY OTHER TIP: There are many drag harrows on the market. But be warned of the ones that really aren't built for the long haul. I've seen some of these attachments that have a super-low price, but when I take a closer look, I see they are made of a lighter, cheaper steel -- and they look & feel like you'd need to replace them in a year. Not a good value, for me. 

Best ATV Drag Harrow

And you can see my #1 recommendation for the best chain harrow: the Field Tuff Harrow on Amazon.

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