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atv disc harrow

If you're looking for an ATV disc harrow, this page was written for you!  We'll talk about what an ATV disc harrow does and I'll share my independent review of the best disc harrow designed for ATV's.

What an ATV Disc Harrow Will Do for You

Disc harrows are used in a garden, field or hunting food plot, after it's been plowed, to break up rough clods of soil, level the surface and make the ground ready for planting.

Also, disc harrows are used to tear and chop up old crops, like cornstalks or garden plants, to make the ground easier to plow.

I can highly recommend this Agri-Fab disc harrow on Amazon as the best all-around model when you compare design, construction, quality, features and price.

I love that this Agri-Fab disc harrow is especially designed for ATV's, lawn tractors and garden tractors. This quality disc harrow has an adjustable working width of 30" to 38" which is ideal. Very versatile.

This Agri-Fab attachment has two sets of four 11" notched discs that are powder-coated for durability & resist rust. I always prefer notched discs because they mulch & cut much better than the smooth disc blades!

One of the very best features of this quality Agri-Fab disc harrow on Amazon is that the you can easily adjust the disc angle from 10 to 20 degrees. Trust me, adjusting the disc angle is important! Some cheaper disc harrows are non-adjustable and I just don't recommend them.

You'll always want to be able to adjust the angle of your disc so you can determine how aggressively you want to harrow. And you need to be able to angle your discs so you can adjust for different soil types/conditions.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Agri-Fab ATV Disc Harrow.

More ATV Disc Harrow Buying Tips

atv disc harrow

ATV disc harrows are built with a frame, and transport wheels, and have two or four sections of steel or iron disc blades attached.

The blades are slightly concave. A section of these discs is also called a gang or gang assembly.

The disc blades can be adjusted to different angles to allow for more aggressive ground penetration. For instance, a blade that's set to tilt 10 degrees will not dig as deeply as one that's set to 20 degrees.

So, the concave design and the angle of the discs are the parts of the attachment that are most responsible for good soil penetration and preparation.

ATV Disc Harrow
Buying Tips

First, take a look at the working widths of any ATV disc harrow you're considering. Many units have adjustable widths but the most popular widths on the market are between 40" and 51". If you're working a very small garden area, you can find some models that will adjust down to a 29" width.

I would recommend looking for a model with adjustable, multiple disc setting angles. I like disc harrows that can be set to 10, 15 and 20 degrees. The 15 degree angle is the most used setting and it's a good all-purpose angle. But if you have very loose soil, or very compact soil, having the 10 and 20 degree setting will help you get the most out of your attachment, by being able to adjust to many soil conditions.

atv disc harrow

Notched or smooth disc blades? That's a good question. There always seems to be some debate about whether the smooth or notched blades are better. (Notched blades are also called scalloped blades.)

The choice is yours, of course, but I really think the notched blades do a better job of chopping up and mulching weeds, plant material and cornstalks. I just think the notched blades do a slightly better job than the smooth blades.

Make sure you get a unit that has a vertical height adjustment! This is important. You'll want to be able to raise the blades up, when you transport your harrow, so you don't tear up lawns or roads!

Also, you may just find yourself working in really tough, compacted soil. Compacted soil, or some soils with a high clay content, are difficult to harrow. That's when a lot of ATV riders put concrete blocks onto the frame. The added weight helps the blades get better soil penetration. So, you might want to consider getting a model with a built in weight tray.

Also, last tip: check the ATV/UTV disc harrow specs to see how much engine horse power or cc's you'll need to properly pull the unit. You don't want to overload your transmission by pulling an attachment that's too heavy. It's worth it to double-check before you buy.

There are models made by Bush Hog, Tuffline, Hunters, Brinly Hardy, Field Tuff Farm Star and more. So shop around!


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