How to Choose the Best ATV Attachments 

Here's my review of the best - and newest - ATV attachments with expert buying tips.

ATV attachments have come a long way over the last few years and the best ones will save you a lot of time, effort & money on your outdoor jobs.

Although ATV's are not equipped with PTO's (Power Take Off) the new breed of ATVs can easily accommodate many farming, lawn, construction, landscaping and agricultural attachments by adding a winch, an aftermarket PTO or using ground-driven attachments. (see more info on PTO's at the bottom of this page.)

And ATV's are far less expensive to buy, can work in tighter spaces and are far more fuel efficient to operate than tractors or skid steers - and they're simply fun to use!

The Best
 ATV Attachments

1. Electric winches are a necessity for ATV's! Trust me - eventually - every ATV gets stuck. You could get stuck in the mud, over rugged terrain or get stuck climbing a hill. And a winch will get you out of trouble.

And, if you cut timber, do construction work or need to drag something heavy, a winch comes to the rescue again. 

Winches are rated by pulling power and range from 1,000 to 6,000. They have an electric motor and are operated by remote controls. The remote controls that attach to your handlebars are the most convenient.

2. ATV snow plows are great ATV attachments - they'll quickly move snow out of your way! 42" to 54" blades are the most popular sizes but make sure to match your ATV horsepower/engine size specs to the snow plow blade specs to avoid overloading your transmission or frame. Just click here to see my review of the best ATV snow plows on the market!

3. An ATV Canopy or Sunshade is an incredibly economical and effective attachment to keep you from broiling in the sun. They also give some light rain protection too. Makes riding in the sun so much more enjoyable.

4. A Ramp is one of the best ways to get your ATV to your hunting area, your rally, your ATV mudding trail, your camping area, etc. A ramp is the more popular and cheaper alternative to buying a four wheeler trailer.

5. Front End Loaders for ATV's were an impossibility a few years ago. But in the last year or so, several front end loaders for ATV's have been introduced to the market. Check out my Best ATV Front End Loader Review page, for important information, before you buy!

My Tip: Yes, these new front end loaders let your ATV do the work of a small loader - but keep in mind that you'll most likely need to add heavier springs or air shocks to support the weight of the loader.

6. ATV Mower attachments are available in both rough cut and finish cut mowers. Find out which model you need - and what features to look for by clicking here.

7. ATV Sprayers are huge time savers when you need to apply herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and snow melt. You can find sprayers and spreaders as rear mount or tow-behind models. See more ATV sprayer buying tips here.

8. Dump carts, poly carts, racks, flat bed trailers, utility carts and wagons for ATV's can be found in single and double axle models. No more wheelbarrows! Match your own ATV towing capacity to the cart, trailer or wagon specs. Whether you're hauling mulch, firewood, rocks, equipment or fencing material, these carts, trailers and wagons save you a lot of time and effort.

9. A drag harrow is a great ATV attachment and can be used for leveling gravel driveways or garden plots, working horse arenas, dethatching pastures, aertating soil, preparing soil for seeding or fertilizing, etc!

10. Manure spreaders can be used very well on ATV's - just check the manufacturers specs to make sure your ATV has enough towing capacity/horsepower for the specific manure spreader model you have in mind.

11. Lawn sweepers easily make clean sweeps of leave, grass clippings, lawn debris and more! They do a fantastic job without the noise and fumes of a leaf blower. A quality tow-behind lawn sweeper will do just about any pick up task thoroughly - the first time around. ATV sweeper implements generally run from widths of 33" to 44". 

12. Manure Vacuum: Yes, they're a fairly new breed of ATV attachments but there's a lot of excitement about these new manure vacs. For good reason. They do an incredible job of removing manure from your yard, field, pasture, area, etc. Check out this amazing short video showing the Greystone Manure Vacuums with an ATV!

I've also seen the Greystone Manure vacuum do a great job as a lawn vacuum by picking up walnuts, trash, leaves, trash and debris too.   

13. Snowblowers: There is a large selection of snowblowers on the market for just about any sized ATV. With as little as 13HP, you can match a snowblower to your ATV's horsepower. Learn more about how to choose the best ATV snow blower here.

14. A Spring Tooth Harrow is a great and easy to use implement for land & soil maintenance on your fields, pastures, gardens or hunting food plots.


PTO on ATV's

It is important to note that, unlike tractors, garden tractors or compact tractors, ATV's do not come equipped with PTO's (Power Take Off).

As you probably already know, a PTO allows power from an engine to flow to an implement to operate it. So, any ATV implement that requires power must come self-equipped with it's own power source/engine or be ground-driven.  

For example: a log splitter can be easily towed by your ATV, but the log splitter must equipped with it's own engine, in order to have the power to operate and split the logs. 

log splitter attachment

Fortunately, many manufacturers are now offering more ATV implements with their own PTO - and they're also selling aftermarket bolt-on PTO units. ATV owners now have a great variety of implement choices. 

You'll see ATV attachments at work on ranches, farms, lawns, construction locations, landscaping jobs, horse arenas, stables, golf courses, copper mines, plantations, lumber yards - just about everywhere.

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