Best ATV Attachments Review

Here’s my handy review of the best ATV attachments to make all of your outdoor jobs easier. ATV attachments have come a long way in the last few years and I’ll review which ones work hardest for you – but will still fit within your budget.

One of the hottest selling quad attachments are the new generation front end loader buckets.

And my top front end loader bucket choice is the Swisher 15714 Universal Dump Bucket available on Amazon. First, the Swisher 15714 is a universal design so it works with any ATV and it’s crafted of 1/8” USA-made steel that’s powder coated to guard against rust. And, yes, all the mounting hardware is included. You can see Amazon’s price and other specs for the Swisher 15714.

Now you can buy a front end loader bucket to lift and move dirt, gravel, snow, mulch, rocks, fencing material, firewood and much more. And you'll save your back!

My tip:yes, these new ATV front end buckets let you do the work of a small tractor loader, but keep in mind that you may have to add heavier springs or air shocks to support the extra weight.

Winches are a necessity for both working and power sport UTV's & ATV’s! If you don’t already have a winch, you’ll definitely want to take a look at my recommended Superwinch Terra 35 on Amazon.

It’s a serious workhorse of a winch with a high-quality all-steel 3 stage planetary gear train.

The Superwinch gears are twice as wide as competitor winches - at a fraction of the cost of other competitors. And its got a 1.6 HP low-amp draw engine. You can check out Amazons price on the Superwinch Terra 35.  

And don't forget about a bucket tooth kit for your front loader bucket! A lot of us really like to add this universal Swisher 16195 Scarifier Bucket tooth kit, on Amazon, for giving our loader buckets more penetration – especially with compacted dirt or old/hard materials. It’s made of reinforced 1/8” steel to really dig in.

Adding the universal Swisher bucket tooth kit on Amazon is a low cost way to make your front loader bucket take a much better bite!

Having a snow plow attachment is a great way to work and have fun on your ride during the winter months! I really like the Extreme Max ATV One-Box Uniplow because it’s a quality, one piece blade that fits almost all ATV’s, but it won’t break your budget either

Everything you need for this plow comes in one box! The 50” wide Extreme Plow mounts on your ATV frame, behind your wheels, not in the front or middle. Better placement. And you can see more product details and Amazon’s price on my recommended Extreme Max ATV One-Box Plow.

The simple and humble drag harrow is one of the most economical and versatile quad attachments ever! There are so many land management tasks that a harrow can do for you: leveling gravel driveways or garden plots, working horse arenas, dethatching pastures or hunting food plots, aerating soil, fertilizing, etc.

Check out the 4’ x 4’ Field Tuff heavy duty drag harrow on Amazon to see how much work it can do for you. I really like the ½” thick teeth than can tackle the really tough jobs. And you can check Amazon’s price on the Field Tuff heavy duty drag harrow.

An ATV disc harrow is the right ground driven attachment to use in your fields, gardens or hunting food plot – after you plow. A disc harrow, or disc cultivator, will break up and smooth out rough clods of soil, level the surface and get your ground ready for planting or fertilizing. And disc harrows can be used to tear & chop up old plant material, to prepare for plowing.

And you can see my #1 recommended ATV disc harrow/cultivator: the Agri-Fab Disc Cultivator on Amazon. It has eight durable 11” discs that are powder-coated for long life. I like that! And you can angle the discs from 10 to 20 degrees to vary the penetration according to your own soil conditions. You can read other customer reviews & check Amazon’s price on the Agri-Fab Disc Cultivator.

Why Are ATV Attachments So Popular Right Now?

Right now is the boom time for ATV attachments! ATV’s are now being used on ranches, farms, lawns, construction sites, stables, golf courses, copper mines, plantations and lumber yards – just about everywhere.

And don’t forget ATV’s are much cheaper, and can work in tighter spaces, than tractors or skid steers. And they’re much for fuel efficient too.

So manufacturers have responded with developing new & great attachments to help you get more work done with your ATV. And have more fun too!

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